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The Best Nights Out By Far
Sovereign house 1-2 south parade, Leeds, Ls1 5QL
enquiries | 08455 333000 info@burningnightgroup.com
  • Large capacity authentic Bierkellers

  • Around The World, A new World Beer Concept

  • Great Concepts from Decor to Offers

  • Shooters Bar - A sport lovers dream

  • BNG operate great community pubs in urban locations

  • BNG operate great city centre bars in prime locations

Locations all over the UK

Our Current Locations

Who Are The
Burning Night Group

Two Entrepreneurs who were experienced in the licensed trade, investments and marketing, started out on a mission to create unique brands that captured the essence of a great night out. Having never looked back, some of the most unique and successful bar brands have been created, proving that the bar industry can still be a vibrant market place if done right.

This vision has now also become scale-able and our strong team at head office and unit level are now allowing us to successfully expand into more areas of the UK
as our reach increases.

Enjoy a different night out

The driving force in the city centre
bar market all over the UK


Hand Picked Brands

Created to bring a point of difference to a customers night out. Large city centre units capable of delivering multiple themes creating an enjoyable, unique experience.


City Dwellings Bars

Created to add a specific type of bar based on what is needed in the area. A good example being The Sandgrounder in Southport which now has the best sports offerings in the town, combing great decor, great food and superb drinks deals.


Free Hold Pubs Pubs

A collection of pubs that meet the needs of the weekly/daily pub-goer. Aimed at the older customer we offer a warm and comfortable environment with a heavy influence being placed on pricing and the needs of the community.

Ultimately, your night out on the town should be fun, and we want you to remember us having been to one of the Burning Night Groups Venues whether it be Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff or Liverpool.